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As people of faith, we are called to respond to our neighbors’ needs, acting as God’s hands and feet in service to the world. When we come together to help others build better futures for themselves and their families, we are actively participating in doing God’s work in the world. Habitat for Humanity Southwest Alabama offers concrete ways for people of all faiths to love and serve their neighbors.

Building Faith

In the past, our Interfaith Builds have brought together Christians, Jews, and Muslims to build a home. We strive to break down many barriers that lead to new friendships within the community. We use this event as an opportunity to build respect through honest dialogue.

Expressing Faith

Many people of faith are called to help the poor, serve others and make the world a better place. Building a Habitat home is a clear expression of faith for people of many diverse beliefs. The key to developing interfaith projects is to approach new partners from a spirit of humility and cooperation.

HFHSWA has an ambitious goal of raising $50,000 for our upcoming Faith Build. We hope to partner with 20 local Houses of Worship who will each raise at least $2,500 to help us fund the project and then volunteer with us to build the home. 




Keith McCall

Keith and his son are our new Interfaith Family!

When Keith talks about this opportunity, you can feel his excitement to work with Habitat and to become a homeowner! He owns his own land in the DIP community, Bon Aire Estates, and being able to afford Daniel the phrase that once seemed unreachable to him:
Generational Wealth!

Please consider participating in HFHSWA's Interfaith Build and help Mr. McCall realize his dream of homeownership! 

Please contact Sue King at (251)476-7171 or click the button below to email her.

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