In Memory of Richard Kennedy

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we announce the death of one of our most beloved and dedicated volunteers, Richard Kennedy.  Richard was the reason that Habitat for Humanity Southwest Alabama was able to apply, receive, and implement a federal grant called The Neighborhood Stabilization Program.  Richard worked diligently for 3 years to allow us the opportunity to utilize this grant. With the grant, we were able to purchase 68 foreclosed homes, rehab them and sell them to low-income members in our community.  Without his dedication, his intelligence, and his perseverance we would not have had the capacity to obtain and implement this program. Richard spent every day, week, and month for three years in our office.

In addition to his intellect and his passion for our mission, Richard was a very funny man.  I was lucky enough to know him and to be the recipient of his humor and his kindness.  Now that I am the Executive Director of HFHSWA, I truly am humbled and appreciative of Richard’s impact on the families in our community and on our affiliate. Not only did his hard work enable 68 families to have safe, decent, affordable housing for their lifetime, but it also has provided a revenue stream that continues to help other families in our community. 

Richard will truly be missed, but his legacy will live on at Habitat for Humanity Southwest Alabama.

- Courtney Rouse-Heinz, Executive Director

Richard Kennedy.jpg